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RedLeg SuDoku
Sudoku puzzles player and sudoku puzzle solver - Play, solve, create, design, print, manage and exchange sudoku puzzles
Get RedLeg SuDoku from CNET Download.com! You can download RedLeg SuDoku from the links below or click on the Download now! button on the right and download from c|nets download.com

Download RedLeg SuDoku Setup.exe Version 1.0 release 5 (2.24 Mb) Download RedLeg SuDoku Setup.zip Version 1.0 release 5 (1.75 Mb) Buy RedLeg SuDoku Now!
RedLeg Sudoku Puzzles
Images ~ • Play & SolveEnter & DesignMy SuDokusOptions
Available languages
English, Dutch
For sudoku puzzle examples see www.sudoku-software.info
1 license US$ 24.95 ~ • License Overview ~ • Buy Now
System requirements
Works on Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, NT, 2000, 2003, Vista
This highly addictive game is conquering the world at a pace unknown. Solve a su doku puzzle (a.k.a. number place or Japanese puzzle) once and you will understand why.

RedLeg SuDoku offers a complete range from simple sudoku puzzles with hints, errors and alternatives for starters to very difficult sudoku puzzles which can be time limited. You can make personal pencil notes and play different variants such as the abc and singapore version, a math, greek letter or geometric shapes and color version. Besides 3x3 (9x9) pure sudoku puzzles you can play and solve all variants from 2x2 (4x4) up to 4x4 (16x16), the sudoku solver also solves variants! Furthermore it can generate and solve the most fiendish sudoku puzzles and it solves sudoku puzzles that have more than one solution.

With the sudoku puzzle generator you can create an unlimited number of different sudoku puzzles, you can enter a sudoku puzzle from your newspaper and use it as a sudoku solver (sudoku crack) or design a sudoku puzzle yourself. Sudoku puzzles can be stored, printed, imported and exported so they can be exchanged via the internet or to copy and paste them into any document.

RedLeg SuDoku also keeps track of statistical data for every sudoku puzzle you play. The program is multi language and supports multiple users.

Note for publishers that wish to publish sudoku puzzles:

You are free to publish sudoku puzzles generated with RedLeg SuDoku or with RedLeg SuDoku Player anywhere and anytime in a non digital form if this publication is accompanied by one of the following website addresses:

Source: sudoku-software.info
Source: sudoku-puzzles.info
Source: sudoku-solver.info

or Source: RedLeg SuDoku or Source: RedLeg SuDoku Player

Our software generates 100% guaranteed single solution sudoku puzzles



• Play sudoku puzzles

• Solve any sudoku puzzle

• Solve multiple solution sudoku puzzles

• Create & Design sudoku puzzles

• Print sudoku puzzles

• Store sudoku puzzles

• Manage sudoku puzzles

• Exchange sudoku puzzles

• Multi Language

• Multi User

Additional Features

• Contains a zillion sudoku puzzles

• 4 User Levels

• Variants
~ All grids between 2x2 (4x4) and 4x4 (16x16)
~ ABC version (letter Sudoku)
~ Singapore version
~ Mathematics version
~ Greek letter version
~ Geometrical shapes
~ Color versions

• Unlimited Undo

• Highlight digits

• Hints, Errors, Alternatives

• Personal Pencil Notes

• Time Limit

• Statistics

• Color Management