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Demo Period

Wash N' Go
SuDoku Player

New Releases
Wash N' Go 2.4
SuDoku Player 1.0
Pop Cop 2.1
RedLeg SuDoku 1.0
CitroŽn DS 1.0
Mandalas 2.0
PC Aware Anti RSI 3
Dreams 2.2
37.000 Citations 2.0

Internet Security
Pop Cop
Wash N' Go

PC Aware Anti RSI

Reference Works
CitroŽn DS
37.000 Citations
Vitamins and Minerals

IQ Trainer 2
SuDoku Player
RedLeg SuDoku

Modern Medical

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On every product page you will find a "Download!" link.

After clicking this link Windows will prompt you what you would like to do with this file, two options are given.

1) Run program from its current location
This step is most favorable because the setup program will be removed by Windows automatically.

When downloading has finished WinStaller (the RedLeg Software installation program) will startup. You can install the product by following the instructions.

2) Save program to disk
Choose this option if you, for example, want to install the product later on.

Before downloading starts, Windows will prompt to give a location to store the file. If you're not an experienced user, storing on the desktop is sensible because in that case you will not lose the file out of sight.

In this case when downloading has finished nothing happens. You will have to start the setup program from the location where you have stored it or, for example, clicking the icon on your desktop. When the setup program WinStaller (the RedLeg Software installation program) is running you can install the product by following the instructions.