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Demo Period

Wash N' Go
SuDoku Player

New Releases
Wash N' Go 2.4
SuDoku Player 1.0
Pop Cop 2.1
RedLeg SuDoku 1.0
CitroŽn DS 1.0
Mandalas 2.0
PC Aware Anti RSI 3
Dreams 2.2
37.000 Citations 2.0

Internet Security
Pop Cop
Wash N' Go

PC Aware Anti RSI

Reference Works
CitroŽn DS
37.000 Citations
Vitamins and Minerals

IQ Trainer 2
SuDoku Player
RedLeg SuDoku

Modern Medical

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After installing WinStaller will automatically start the product.

If you do not have a license for the product WinStaller will automatically post a request for a demo license. WinStaller will try to contact RedLeg Software via the Internet. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet and any firewall present allows the requests of WinStaller to pass!

WinStaller will update you in case automatic retrieval of a demo license fails, the Program Verification window will appear. At this moment you can verify that you are connected to the Internet and no firewall is blocking WinStaller. Choose for "Post a request for a free demo license" and click on "Next". WinStaller will retry to retrieve a free demo license.

Although there is a margin within a product can be used for free, it could happen that after acquiring a free demo license the product is still not useable. This will then probably be caused by an incorrect computer time setting.

In all cases make sure that the correct date and time is set on your computer!

Usually the clock is displayed on the right below in the taskbar. By double-clicking the clock you can set the date and time properties. Setting the date and time is also possible via "Date/Time" in the control panel of Windows.