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PC Aware
Anti RSI Software Personal support using the PC correctly in order to prevent RSI!
Get PC Aware from CNET Download.com! You can download PC Aware from the links below or click on the Download now! button on the right and download from c|nets download.com

Download PC Aware Setup.exe Version 3.0 release 2 (6.78 Mb) Download PC Aware Setup.zip Version 3.0 release 2 (6.31 Mb) Buy PC Aware Now!
PC Aware Anti RSI Software
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Available languages
English, Dutch
1 license US$ 39.95 ~ • License Overview ~ • Buy Now
System requirements
Works on Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, NT, 2000, 2003, Vista

Server Component
Windows NT Server/SP3 and higher, 2000, 2003 Server

The network must support the TCP/IP protocol.

Note: The server component can be downloaded from the users download area after logging in on the RedLeg Software website.

PC Aware is designed because there is a need for a computer program that explains and gives solutions about work related affections like RSI and Stress. PC Aware is a computer program in which all aspects that are important for the prevention of work related affections caused by working with the computer, are packed together as one clear and understandable whole.

PC Aware tests, measures, explains, gives tips and warnings. A great number of exercises are available in order to keep the body in shape and thus minimize the risk on complaints.

The combined way of testing the work spot setup and measuring the work is unique in this program. There are many programs that for example test the work spot setup or keep track of user input. In almost every case only one aspect is looked at and no feedback is given what to do if something is not right. In PC Aware everything hangs together, the results are summarized in the status window so that at a glance it becomes clear which aspects are a problem and which are not.

The problem in the prevention of RSI is changing the way of working. If something is learned the wrong way, the same mistakes are made over and over again. In practice it is not sufficient to inform people about the risks, the right setup of the working spot and the right working posture. After going back to work they simple forget what is really important.

This is the reason why we choose for the solution where according to a message on screen only a part of the problem is discussed and explained. The goal of the program is to inform you over and over again so after a while you know everything about the risks you are exposed to, the preventive measures to take and actually bringing them to practice. PC Aware also keeps track of the time worked and the amount of work you do.

The personal status displays the aspects that need further attention. The different test results give a direct indication of the problems of the work setup and other important factors like stress. In this way you know what to focus on to reduce the chance on complaints. Feedback on the different test can be displayed by clicking on the test name. The test results are assembled from the answers and the way you have responded to the messages.

• PC Aware is the only (AI) interactive Anti-RSI Software and Anti Stress program that combines all aspects that could be of importance

• PC Aware goes beyond a sophisticated timer that focuses only on micropauses, breaks or exercises

• PC Aware helps you, guides you in really understanding and preventing RSI, Stress

• PC Aware focuses on the psychological, the physical and working habits aspects that combined can lead to RSI, Stress

• PC Aware will increase your productivity; other programs block your computer, are annoying, difficult to understand and as a result bring down productivity

• RSI, Stress is human problem not a computer problem; the amount of mouse clicks, keyboard strokes or their statistics says nothing about the risk on RSI, Stress

• RSI, Stress is complex and most of the time a combination of many factors

• PC Aware is developed by people at RedLeg Software (Space Engineers) that have more than 20 years of computer experience and write hundred of thousand lines of code every year

• PC Aware is continuous testing, monitoring and feedback of many aspects that could cause RSI, Stress and an enormous amount of background information