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Wash N' Go
SuDoku Player

New Releases
Wash N' Go 2.4
SuDoku Player 1.0
Pop Cop 2.1
RedLeg SuDoku 1.0
CitroŽn DS 1.0
Mandalas 2.0
PC Aware Anti RSI 3
Dreams 2.2
37.000 Citations 2.0

Internet Security
Pop Cop
Wash N' Go

PC Aware Anti RSI

Reference Works
CitroŽn DS
37.000 Citations
Vitamins and Minerals

IQ Trainer 2
SuDoku Player
RedLeg SuDoku

Modern Medical

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The list below concerns the English titles we offer at this moment.

Internet Security
Wash N' Go (freeware) - Online privacy: wipes out internet traces and cleans your PC!
Pop Cop - Pop-up blocker and ad killer: stops pop-ups, advertisements, floating pop-ups, pop-up bombardments, scripts and dialogs
PC Aware - Anti RSI: Personal support using the PC correctly in order to prevent RSI
Reference Works
CitroŽn DS - Goddess of the road: a fascinating overview of the world of the CitroŽn DS
Mandalas - Look, colour and history of the mandala
RedLeg SuDoku Player (freeware) - Sudoku puzzle player: play and solve sudoku puzzles
RedLeg SuDoku - Sudoku puzzles player and sudoku puzzle solver: play, solve, create, design, print, manage and exchange sudoku puzzles
No English product available in this category at this moment