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Wash N' Go (Freeware)
Online Privacy - Wipes out internet traces and cleans your PC!
Get Wash N' Go from CNET Download.com! You can download Wash N' Go from the links below or click on the Download now! button on the right and download from c|nets download.com

Download Wash N' Go Setup.exe Version 2.4 release 3 (1.95 Mb) Download Wash N' Go Setup.zip Version 2.4 release 3 (1.48 Mb) Support Wash N' Go Now! - Buy a regular license
Images ~ • WashObjectsObjects EditorVanish
Available languages
English, Dutch

You can support the Wash N' Go freeware initiative by buying a regular license

1 license US$ 34.95 ~ • License Overview ~ • Buy Now
System requirements
Works on Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, NT, 2000, 2003, Vista
Wash N' Go is an astonishing leading system-cleaning tool that securely wipes your system and Internet surfing traces such as the web sites you have visited and other sensitive private data (passwords, credit card data).

Wash N' Go fully supports ten browsers (Internet Explorer, Advanced, Avant, Enigma, Firefox, Maxthon, NetCaptor, Netscape, Opera and Slim Browser). Cleans more than thirty Windows system areas, ten MS Office programs and more than fifty popular Internet related software programs.

Wash N' Go has eight integrated levels of secure deletion such as #0 overwrite, Military (US DoD 5220.22-M, NISPOM, NSA) and the only program that supports the full 39 steps of Dr P. Gutmann.

Wash N’ Go has an IE Cookie, IE Active X / Spyware*, Mail and Task Manager for automatic washes. You can create your own objects to wash and it is accompanied by the file/folder shredder Vanish, also available as a right click menu option in Windows Explorer. It is multi language and supports multiple users.

*) 9 out of 10 Spyware programs (spyware, auto dialers and viruses) plant themselves on your computer using the IE Active X folder. Wash N' Go visualizes these spyware files and erases them. Given this Wash N' Go has a unique feature; the capability to kill and erase known and unknown Spyware.

Wash Objects

Internet Explorer
Visited/Typed Urls, History, Cache, Cookies, Index.dat Files, Downloaded Program Files (Active X / Spyware), AutoComplete History, Save Target As... History, Save As... History, Favorites Order History, Favorites

Mail Programs
Outlook Mail Boxes, Outlook Cleanup Logs

Advanced Browser
History + IE Settings

Avant Browser
History + IE Settings

Enigma Browser
History + IE Settings

Visited/Typed Urls, History, Cache, Cookies, Downloaded Files, AutoComplete History, Preferences, Bookmarks

History + IE Settings

NetCaptor Browser
History + IE Settings

Visited/Typed Urls, History, Cache, Cookies, AutoComplete History, Preferences, Bookmarks

Visited/Typed Urls, History, Cache, Cookies, Preferences, Bookmarks

Slim Browser
History + IE Settings

Windows System
Application Logs, Clipboard, Common Dialog Open/Save History, Common Dialog Visited History, Document History, Find Computers History, Downloaded Installations, Find Files History, Last Logged On User Name, Log Files, Media Player, Network Drive History, Printer Ports History, Recycle Bins Wash, Recycle Bins Empty, Regedit History, Registry Streams, Run History, Start Menu Order History, Swap File, Telnet History, Temporary Files, 0 Kb Temp Files, UserAssist History, XP Prefetch Folder

Temporary Download Folder, HTML Help History, Imaging, Netmeeting, Paint, Scandisk, WordPad

Microsoft Office
Office, Access, Excel, FrontPage, InfoPath, Photo Editor, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio, Word

7-Zip Arc, AOL Instant Messenger, Acubix PicoZiP, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Photoshop, Apple QuickTime, BlazeVideo BlazeDVD, ConeXware PowerArchiver, Copernic Agent, Copernic Desktop Search, DivXNetworks DivX Player, eMerge WinAce, ES-Computing EditPlus, Ebay Toolbar, FTP Explorer, FerretSoft WebFerret, GlobalSCAPE CuteFTP, GlobalSCAPE CuteHTML, GlobalSCAPE CuteMX, Google Deskbar, Google Toolbar, Helios TextPad, ICQ, ICQ Plugin, JGsoft EditPad, Jasc Animation Shop, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, LeapWare LeapFTP, mIRC Downloaded Files, MMedia Research LView Pro, MSN Messenger, MSN Toolbar, Macromedia Aftershock, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Firework, Macromedia Flash, McAfee VirusScan, Miranda ICQ, Norton AntiVirus, Norton Commander, Norton Personal Firewall, Nullsoft Winamp, RealNetworks RealOne Player, RealNetworks RealPlayer, FTP Explorer, SpeedBit Download Accelerator, Tennyson Maxwell Teleport Pro, Tribal Voice's PowWow, Trident PowerZip, Trillian, Van Dyke AbsoluteFTP, WinRar, WinZip, Yahoo! Messenger, Zone Labs ZoneAlarm


New in 2.4 release 3

-Added Windows Startup Programs removal tool
-Adjusted Windows *.tmp files object

New in 2.4 release 2

-Added Test Run functionality
-Update for Windows Media Player 8 & 9
-Update for Outlook Express 6 under WinXP Pro SP2

New in 2.4 release 1

-Added Remove Software
-Read only files bug fix
-Added autocheck for updates

New in 2.3 release 9

-Update for IE7
-Update for Firefox 2 RC3
-Added Google Toolbar 4.0


• Wash Selector

• User Wash Objects

• IE Cookie Manager

• IE Active X / Spyware Manager

• Outlook Mail Manager

• Task Manager (Auto Washes)

• Hot Keys, Boss Key

• 8 Secure Deletion Levels

• Vanish (File/Folder Shredder)

• Multi Language

• Multi User

Fully Supported Browsers

• Internet Explorer

• Advanced Browser

• Avant Browser

• Enigma Browser

• Firefox

• Maxthon

• NetCaptor Browser

• Netscape

• Opera

• Slim Browser

Additional Washes

• 30+ Windows System Areas

• 10 MS Office Programs

• 50+ Plugins For Popular Internet Programs

C|Net 5 Star Rating

Wash N' Go has been rewarded with a 5 star rating at c|net's download.com. Read...