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Pop Cop
Pop-up Blocker and Ad Killer - Stops pop-ups, advertisements, floating pop-ups, pop-up bombardments, scripts and dialogs
Get Pop Cop from CNET Download.com! You can download Wash N' Go from the links below or click on the Download now! button on the right and download from c|nets download.com

Download Pop Cop Setup.exe Version 2.1 release 4 (1.56 Mb) Download Pop Cop Setup.zip Version 2.1 release 4 (1.08 Mb) Buy Pop Cop Now!
Pop-up Blocker
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Available languages
English, Dutch
1 license US$ 16.95 ~ • License Overview ~ • Buy Now
System requirements
Works on Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, NT, 2000, 2003, Vista, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher required
This anti pop-up software Pop Cop version 2.1 goes way beyond standard pop-up blocking and any other pop-up blocker. Besides handling an endless list of different pop windows and mechanisms it now also blocks four different levels of advertisements and immediately removes the associated cookies and scripts that can be used to monitor or spy on your surfing behavior.

All blocking methods are based on logic; Pop Cop thinks as real Pop-up Killer for you and with you. In practice this means that most of the time you will simply be surfing with default settings and in case no blocking is desired you can simply turn it off or temporarily pause it by holding down the Ctrl Key. If this is not enough there is the possibility to handle web sites via a layered White- and Blacklist.

Pop Cop blocks Pop-up windows, Pop-under windows, Pop-up bombardments, Advertisements, Redirects, Floats, any Layered and Overlay Pop-up, Address Bar Scripts, On Load and On Unload (On Leave) Scripts, a Timed Pop-up, an On Mouseover Pop-up, a Simulated Click Pop-up, sudden opening of any IE Dialog such as "Add To Favorites".

Pop Cop will stop Modeless Pop-up Windows, Channel Pop-up Windows, Chromeless Pop-up Windows, Fullscreen Traps, Pop-ups opened via the Media Player, from an IFrame or via Javascript Error Handlers. It also prevents your IE Home Page from being changed, or even asking to change it.

So, about anything that pops will be blocked by this pop-up stopper.

• Stops Pop-ups and Pop-unders

• Stops Pop-up Bombardments

• Stops Pop-up Advertisements (Ad Killer)

• Stops Redirects

• Stops Pop-up Floats, Layered and Overlay Pop-ups

• Stops various Scripts

• No flickering, blocks before the Pop-up becomes visible

• One Button/Click On/Off

• Prevent IE Home Page changes

• Visiualize/Sound on blocking

• Manual block

• White List Popsites

• Black List Popsites

• Log Activities

• Multi Language

• Multi User